Pilot Testing for Water and Wastewater Treatment

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Blueleaf Incorporated
Erik J. Grotton, P.E.
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Blueleaf Qualifications

Blueleaf Incorporated is a small process engineering company located in New England that performs pilot studies for water and wastewater treatment systems. We have completed over 60 pilot studies in the last three years investigating the removal of iron, manganese, arsenic, organics and other contaminants from potable water sources, and many pilot studies investigating nutrient removal from wastewater treatment systems.

Blueleaf’s main clientele are consulting engineers and treatment system manufacturers. We provide an independent and impartial third party evaluation of the processes selected by the consultant, or proposed by the vendor. Consulting engineers find that Blueleaf helps them to be more competitive, by adding experience of specific processes to their team, by providing fully equipped and tested pilot and laboratory equipment, and by providing a third-party evaluation of the processes. Vendors find that Blueleaf helps them to be more competitive by providing their clients with the assurance that comes with independent evaluations.

Blueleaf is comprised of a group of science-minded professionals interested in advancing the understanding of water treatment. We use methods of statistical analysis and experimental design that are used in many other industries to improve the performance of treatment systems. Methods made popular by Walter Deming and Genichi Taguchi are applied to this process to identify methods to improve overall water quality, and reduce finished water variability, cost, and risks.

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